How much does it cost to run a washer and dryer combo


washer costs 1Washing machines are a great savior for those of you who are always short of time for house-hold chores like laundry. These come in many varieties and one of the most preferred type is a washer and dryer combo. This kind of washing machine has a single washing/ rinsing and drying section. Compared to a separate washing machine and a tumble dryer, this washer-dryer combo can give you many advantages to make it a better investment for your money as well as for reducing water and power bills.

Laundry Load

This is the most important thing to consider, since more laundry is the reason for buying a washing machine. The combo washing machine will take about 2-3 hours for one washing of about 4-5 pounds. So, if your daily washing is of this size, the washer will be busy for 2-3 hours a day.

Energy usage

A combo is actually two products in one. It saves your money. But the best about these gadgets is that they are manufactured with an aim of cutting your electricity bills. That’s why you will find them with star rating for saving energy just like Air conditioners and refrigerators. The more energy saving appliance you purchase, lesser will be your electricity bills. On an average a combo of washer-dryer will save one third of your current power usage on laundry.washer costs

Water usage

If you are an environmentalist at core, it will give you an immense satisfaction, by saving electricity. You can be more proud of using a washer and dryer combo due to the fact that you save water as well. Some of the models are designed to detect the laundry size and allow amount of water accordingly. Your water bill will reduce significantly if you switch to a combo washer.

Maintenance costs

The washer and dryer combo is considered easy to be maintained, since it is one unit. The washer also works as dryer, once the washing process ends. You don’t have to pay for multiple appliances. The maintenance cost depends upon the damage occurred. If it is a burnt power cable then it will cost around $20-$30. A burnt motor or disrupted signal correction may cost you anything around $200-$400. This appliance also needs regular drain cleaning and debris removal, which may cost you around $50-$80 per year.

These are some of the factors that will contribute to the cost of using a washer and dryer combo. Just consider these while purchasing a new laundry appliance, to get best value for your money.